Infinite Prattle!

S2 // Ep 7 // "...It's. A. Trap!!!..." [Guest Speak!] Part 1 Feat. Scott!

January 15, 2023 Stephen Kay Season 2 Episode 7
Infinite Prattle!
S2 // Ep 7 // "...It's. A. Trap!!!..." [Guest Speak!] Part 1 Feat. Scott!
Infinite Prattle!
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Show Notes

In this epic episode I talk to my best mate Scott! (Guest Episode!)... we talk about a joint love of Star Trek.
In this episode:

  • This wasn't the first recording (I messed up the mic settings- or was it Scotts technology jinx?)
  • How did Scott get into Star Trek
  • I am shocked about which series about which he loved first!
  • TOS
  • Discovery *cough cough* (Eastenders in Space :D )
  • Strange New Worlds
  • Star Trek is not the same as Star Wars! 
  • Transporter Physics
  • We did Physics!
  • How we met at college... bonded by fear and loneliness...
  • Real Life transporter
  • Lower Decks
  • Favourite Series of Star Trek
  • Other series...
  • All Series all formats!
  • Music is a factor
  • Last Episode of Enterprise

The Back ground music is taken from 'Spacedeck' album available on iTunes here:

Font used on artwork is- Star Trek Future Font created by Alphabet&Type ®

Digital Typefaces on

Copyright to the the artist used under creative commons.

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